The Hubble Telescopes


(Photo by NASA)

Since it first introduction, telescopes have served mankind a vast deals of researches experiences and discoveries of planets, moons and other intergalactic contents. As we all know telescopes help us to see stars beyond our naked eyes. It becomes a defense mechanism to predict the fall of asteroids or predict movements of celestial bodies.

One powerful telescope that has done many many great things is The Hubble Space telescope. Since it’s launch in 1990, the Hubble Telescope was marked as the most significant advancement of the astronomy field since Galileo’s Telescope. It has been said to cost NASA $2.1 billion to make the telescope. It was said to be more than 14,000 scientific papers was published using the data from this telescope, thus making it the most productive scientific apparatus ever exist. Also, I find it interesting that this telescope has moved more than 3 billion miles along the circular orbit of the Earth.

This year, Hubble is turning 27 years old and some says that Hubble telescope will eventually die due to the pulling gravity force by the Earth. The sun is also heating up the telescope at high temperature and degrading the telescope over times. Hubble Telescope had its last servicing mission in 2009 which was done by spacewalks. It will allow a robotic spacecraft to attach itself on the telescope and guide itself back down into the Earth’s atmosphere at the end of its life.

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3 thoughts on “The Hubble Telescopes”

  1. I first knew about the Hubble Telescope during science class in primary school. With no knowledge about how significant it was to our development of cosmic perspective, I just read it for the sake of the exams and such. Now, knowing that it has come through hurdles and about to reach the end of its life, it is a bit sad. But, we sure to regard Hubble Telescope’s deeds in elevating our research on the vast universe. RIP, Hubble Telescope. Great post btw!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I am sad too because the Hubble Telescope is dying. Just imagine the amount of knowledge it gave us up until today! But I heard new and better telescope is coming. I’m excited to see how it looks like 😀


  2. Hey Afi, if the hubble telescope is dying, would it still be free falling on Earth or would it be entering the Earth’s atmosphere. If so, do we know the projectile motion of where the telescope will fall


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