Artist's impression of the planet orbiting Proxima Centauri

Image of the Surface of Proxima b

Why would people live on other planet? Wouldn’t our Earth suffice the human needs? The answer is absolutely. But wouldn’t it be nice to discover some other worlds other than ours? What if there are actual lives out there besides humans who proclaimed to be the dominant of the entire species? The degree of narcissism of human designation of dominance is undeniable yet arguably, could be challenged by other species on some distant worlds.

Proxima b, is the closest (known) exoplanet (or an extrasolar planet)  from our solar system that is potentially habitable. Proxima b is a planet that orbits around the red dwarf triple star system called Proxima Centauri which is far smaller and cooler than our Sun. This planet is 4.2 light years from our Earth.

What’s so special about Proxima b other than it being the closest to us? Well because of its close distance, this planet has temperature mild enough for water to pool on the surface of the planet, just like our Earth. Water is the essence of life! Proxima b is a rocky planet in the habitable zone. This finding is very exciting for the scientist especially because it boosts up more more research because they believe there are a numbers more habitable planets, potentially even closer than Proxima b.
Image of exoplanet Proxima b or Proxima Centauri b
Isn’t it amazing to know that there are probably other lives out there other than us in our stellar neighborhood? There are more things we don’t know about than those we do. Our universe is too vastly scary to me but somehow I am intrigued to know more and more.



4 thoughts on “Planet-hunting”

  1. This is an amazing discovery! I posted about the recently discovered TRAPPIST-1 system on my blog and similarly to Proxima B, all the planets in this system could have liquid water. Wouldn’t it be crazy if we weren’t alone out here?


  2. This blog post is amazing. I am just wondering that if this planet is habitable, have astronomers or scientists have confirmed the existence of any living things there?


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