The Tabby Star


Image of Tabby Star‘s light blocked by “mega-structures”

Tabby Star is an unsolved and inexplicable mystery, situated 1,500 light years away from us. Tabby star is located at the constellation Cygnus it was named after the lead scientist in the study of this star, Tabetha S. Boyajian. What’s the mystery behind this star? Well, this star has an unusual light fluctuations where 20% of the light emitted by star is blocked by unknown objects. Scientist believe that whatever is blocking the light isn’t a planet because if it were, a planet as big as Jupiter would only obscure this star by the size of 1%.

An astronomer named Jason Wright and some other scientists have proposed that the blockers are most probably parts of megastructures made by an alien civilization called “Dyson Swarm”. Dyson Swarm is a hypothetical structure that is built by advance civilization (purportedly the alien’s), that is said to be intercepting the light energy by star and use them for their energy needs. This fictional-sounding explanations have created so many controversial thoughts from the media especially. Natural explanations aren’t yet to be expected from this phenomena, until the launch of James Webb Space Telescope in 2018.

Concept image of a Dyson sphere

Well, I don’t usually believe in aliens or stuffs like it, but who knows it could be it? I am excited because alien megastructures sounds like a pretty cool thing to study about.



11 thoughts on “The Tabby Star”

  1. This is a very fascinating phenomenon you’ve found there and raises many questions as to what kind of celestial occurrences could be blocking it. Could it be other planets, dust clouds, celestial beings or perhaps as you’ve said potentially an advanced alien civilization capable of building structures as immense as a Dyson Sphere. It’s a very interesting thing to think about and the implications that it carries.


    1. It could be other planet, but the size is bigger than Jupiter. Hmm, I think it is scary to think that it’s actually some alien stuffs but at the same time, I think it is cool to see their advanced civilizations too. Hopefully there’ll be more information about it next year with the launch of our new telescope


  2. The Tabby Star truly does sound like an interesting phenomenon, although I am surprised that there seems to be no naturalistic account for it. Although a planet the size of Jupiter would not account for the amount of light blocked, it seems more likely that there is simply a larger planet that we haven’t detected rather than an intricate alien structure. It seems best to attempt all natural explanations prior to entering science fiction.


  3. This phenomenon is really fascinating to think about, especially since the James Webb Telescope will be launched next year. It will be cool to see what is discovered to be blocking the light from the star. Whatever it is, it will likely be an interesting explanation whether its a larger planet or an alien structure.


    1. Yessss it is! But I think it would surprise people if it is actually both, a planet or an alien structure. Well, time will tell! Can’t wait for the new telescope to unveil this mystery


  4. From what I’ve read, one leading hypothesis is that a large clump of comets, with a mass exceeding that of our solar system’s entire Kuiper belt, is transiting this star. One exciting aspect of this theory is that it can be quickly tested. According to the Popular Mechanics article I linked below, the James Webb Space Telescope’s high sensitivity in the infrared will allow it to analyze light that would pass through or be emitted by such a swarm of comets or a large transiting exoplanet. I also read that the dimming of the star is not periodic, which would seem to rule out the idea of a giant transiting planet. For now we will just have to wait for someone to use the JWST’s telescope time to give a thorough analysis of this star.
    Popular Mechanics Article:

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  5. Hey Afi, this blog is super cool. Do you know the exact date for the launching and the role of the James Webb Space Telescope? It will be great to get a newer photos for our solar system as well as the alien civilization (if they do exist) :p .


    1. Hey there, Ali! If i’m not mistaken, JWST will be launched in October 20. I secretly hope they’re aliens hahaha because I think it would be cooler if they are aliens than just a big planet.


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